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Day two 03.06

There’s not much to say about Mgła, as it was supposed to be an anti-band. No faces, no narration, no promotion.


Only the music – catchy as hell, yet furious, slavishly loyal to its black metal nature – and word of mouth worked here. This is how Mgła grew to become one of the world’s biggest acts of the genre, and they did that without even moving from their Cracow’s caves… Their breakthrough album “With Hearts Toward None” was released in 2012 and the next firm step towards the abyss was named “Exercises in Futility” (2015). Recently released “Age of Excuse” is also an instant underground classic. And legions of followers grow bigger and bigger as Mgła started to tour, proving their strength in battle. Rock stars enter the stage to shine. Mgła do quite the opposite – they devour light.

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