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Judas Priest

Day two 03.06

Today it my sound strange, that the band's name was inspired by a Bob Dylan song – but where else could they’ve taken it from? Metal was not even there at that time.


It is them who have forged this British steel, built a killing machine out of it and broke the law bringing it to us on sad wings of destiny. And this machine produced sin after sin: numerous anthems and albums that helped Judas Priest to take over the world.

There’s no use to list all the bands that drew their inspiration from Judas Priest. We’re talking about a band that has created whole genres of music. Heavy metal in its purest form is one thing. But it’s almost impossible to imagine the birth of thrash metal, the death metal revolt and the black metal conflagration without the astonishing guitar work of Tipton and Downing, without Halford’s thrilling voice and the power of the Hill/Holland rhythm section (as well as Hill/Travis afterwards). Not in the form known to us today.

The current Judas Priest line-up, including jaw-dropping guitar duels presented by Richie Faulkner and Andy Sneap, perfectly continues this great work, putting to shame all challengers. Sorry lads, not yet ,and probably never – Judas Priest still rule their metal kingdom with no plans to abdicate. Their incredible eighteenth album “Firepower”, released last year, brutally puts all doubts to rest.

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